The 10 Top SSD And Flash Storage Products Of 2018 (So Far)


All-flash All The Time

Flash storage is the storage media of choice for applications requiring the highest performance. And new high-performance NVMe technology and the up-and-coming server-class memory, combined with improved software increasing flash reliability, availability, and density, flash storage is filtering to an ever-wider range of IT and industrial applications.

As a result, the all-flash array market is booming. Analyst firm IDC estimated that first quarter 2018 all-flash array storage revenue reached $2.1 billion, up 54.7 percent over the first quarter of 2017. That means all-flash storage sales accounts for about one-third of the entire worldwide external enterprise storage systems market.

CRN has been watching the developments carefully. Turn the page, and take a look at some of the coolest of those developments so far in 2018.

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