Here's Who Made Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant For Solid-State Arrays

Niche Player: X-I0 Technologies

X-IO Technologies Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) 900 series G4 All Flash Array product was launched last year offering most of the expected features of a modern SSA, such as deduplication. The Colorado Springs-based company recently refreshed its business programs to provide competitive guarantees to customers while also increasing R&D. X-IO has a strategic partnership with Toshiba, where the company uses X-IO's ISE software on the Toshiba Flashmatrix. X-IO's Axellio product can be used as an integrated system for a high-performance, low-latency NVMe-based SSA. X-I0 Technologies ranks last in vision and among the bottom of the pack for execution on the Magic Quadrant.

Strengths: The primary value proposition for X-IO is low and consistent latency and response times. The company offers the ability to consolidate multiple applications and to manage via QoS policies.

Weaknesses: X-IO products lack integration with cloud vendors, support for hybrid cloud features as well as cloud-based predictive analytics capabilities. The privately held company doesn't have financial transparency for customer to assess its long-term viability.