Here's Who Made Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant For Solid-State Arrays

Challenger: Huawei

New to Gartner's SSA magic quadrant this year is Huawei, which has expanded its flash array portfolio with the new OceanStor Dorado V3 and OceanStor F V5 series, a flash-based scale-out unified storage solution. Dorado V3 is focused on low-latency, mission-critical workloads, while the F V5 is positioned for hosting unstructured data and secondary enterprise block-based applications. The China-based technology giant continues to improve software features by providing a rich set of data services including compression, snapshots, cloning and replication. Huawei ranks among the middle of the pack for execution and among the bottom of the pack for vision on the Magic Quadrant.

Strengths: Huawei manufactures its own SSDs and controllers which provides flexibility and the ability to use aggressive pricing to grow market share. All software features are bundled into Huawei's base license.

Weaknesses: The company only offers a 3-to-1 data reduction guarantee which lags leading competitor offerings, while also lacking loyalty programs around performance, upgrade and reliability. Geopolitical challenges continue to hurt Huawei's ability to enter the U.S. market.