Clash Of The SD-WAN Titans: CloudGenix CEO On 'Ripping And Replacing' Cisco Routers With SD-WAN, VMware's 'Big Challenge' And 300 Percent Growth

CloudGenix CEO On SD-WAN Explosion

Software-defined WAN specialist CloudGenix is witnessing massive growth in the enterprise and aims to take on networking giant Cisco and other competitors like VMware in the fast-growing SD-WAN market. 

"We saw a 300 percent growth rate in 2017. We grew the business massively. The vast majority of growth came in the Fortune 500," said Kumar Ramachandran, founder and CEO of CloudGenix, in an interview with CRN.

Ramachandran has two decades of networking expertise, including an 11-year stint at Cisco, with roles that included director of product management and marketing for the network leader.  Ramachandran spoke to CRN about SD-WAN technology differentiators, why channel partners are winning with CloudGenix and fierce market competition.