'Fired Up' VMware CEO Gelsinger: NSX Virtual Cloud Network Is 'The Future For Networking'


VMware's 'Vision For The Future'

We've reached an inflection point where, 'Do I build a data center network to address expansion and reaching to the edge? Or, do I build a flexible, programmable cloud network to drive future innovation?' Of course the answer is, 'I need to do both.' In bringing those two worlds together -- it's programmable and flexible to support the needs of the digital business and it's context-aware using AI and machine learning, built for infinite scale, but no longer limited by box or boundaries. … Above all, a software-driven world enables consistency and elasticity. This is what we call the Virtual Cloud Network. This is the VMware vision for the future for networking: a ubiquitous software layer from the data center to cloud to edge -- empowering you to connect and secure data regardless of where they might reside; embedded security directly into the platform; and enabling control and automation.