'Fired Up' VMware CEO Gelsinger: NSX Virtual Cloud Network Is 'The Future For Networking'

'Putting All These Pieces Together'

The Virtual Cloud Network enables these three things: a consistent cloud networking fabric, security that is architected in, and all of it delivered in software. Because it's in software, its inherently programmable and scalable.

We're bringing capabilities like NSX Hybrid Connect -- this ability to build a tunnel and migrate and truly operate between cloud worlds in a hybrid fashion. [We're] bringing SD-WAN by VeloCloud into the marketplace and putting all of this together into a consistent architecture. Putting all these pieces together is the Virtual Cloud Network. VMware NSX -- expanding what we're doing in the data center into the branch and into the edge. We're bringing in intrinsic security and combining that with this ability to connect two clouds natively with NSX cloud, and building this hybrid layer through NSX Hybrid Connect [which] provides network insights as well as management and automation.