5 New Nutanix Software Products And Features Launched At .NEXT That Partners Need To Know About


Nutanix Beam

Nutanix's first ever Software-as-a-Service offering, Nutanix Beam, offers multi-cloud governance so customers can manage their spending, security and regulatory compliance across almost any cloud platform. Beam provides in-depth analysis of exactly how organizations are consuming public cloud services.

"It provides cost optimization and security compliance for public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure. As companies of all sizes have made the leap to public cloud infrastructure, and many people and groups within organizations take advantage of public cloud services, that sort of uncontrolled, undisciplined use of public cloud results in, at times, exceedingly high costs," said Smith. "Beam breaks it down and shows you exactly what cloud services are being used, who's using them, how much of those services are being consumed, and how much it costs."

Beam is based on Nutanix's Minjar Botmetric service, which the company acquired in March, that is already managing more than $1 billion of cloud spending across AWS and Microsoft Azure.