5 New Nutanix Software Products And Features Launched At .NEXT That Partners Need To Know About

Nutanix Era

Channel partners will have a new set of enterprise cloud PaaS offerings to bring to market with Nutanix Era, which provides automated database provisioning and lifecycle management. The solution extends Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud OS software stack beyond core Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities for private cloud environments to platform-layer services that the company says bring one-click simplicity to database operations.

"This is a native built-in service that allows Nutanix operators to easily provision a new database instance using the database engine of their choice, then manage that database throughout its lifecycle. So this goes beyond provisioning to restoring the database, upgrading it and scaling it," said Smith.

Era provides partners with copy data management services to help reduce the cost of managing multiple copies of databases across organizations. The services currently support Oracle and Postgres database engines with planned support for other vendors' databases in the future.