VeloCloud Founder Sanjay Uppal On VMware Integration, The NSX SD-WAN Strategy, And Making The Network Affordable

Branching Out

For VeloCloud founder Sanjay Uppal, there's only one way for the SD-WAN pioneer to go as part of VMware. Up.

"We were a small company, and despite the fact that we were No. 1 in the space, it has really picked up since VMware acquired us," Uppal said in an interview with CRN during the Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas.

Uppal, now vice president and general manager of the VeloCloud business within VMware, is in the midst of guiding his company through integration with VMware and the wider Dell Technologies family. That integration starts with the company's go-to-market strategy, and Uppal expects VMware's large channel operation to significantly boost VeloCloud's growth.

Central to the integration efforts is a push to train partners across the VMware-VeloCloud community, Uppal said. Since the acquisition last December, VeloCloud has trained nearly 1,000 people, Uppal said. "Those conversations get translated to conversations we have with businesses out there and translates into more [proof-of-concepts], and more POCs leads to more business," he said.

What follows is an edited excerpt of Uppal's conversation with CRN.