VeloCloud Founder Sanjay Uppal On VMware Integration, The NSX SD-WAN Strategy, And Making The Network Affordable

How do you see VeloCloud leveraging VMware's channel?

It's all about partnering. VeloCloud has always been a 100 percent partner-driven company. There's a lot more channel partners that VMware has than VeloCloud did. We have some very strong partners, both on the service provider side, as well as on the traditional channel side. Both of those partners are expanded with VMware. VMware has literally tens-of-thousands of partners in the channel. They have defined channel programs that we are now fitting under. We're also continuing our relationships with the service provider partners because practically half of our business comes from the service provider channel. Both VARs and MSPs on the one hand and service providers on the other are greatly expanded with VMware.