VeloCloud Founder Sanjay Uppal On VMware Integration, The NSX SD-WAN Strategy, And Making The Network Affordable

How do you see VeloCloud fitting into VMware's NSX strategy, and more widely into the overall Dell Technologies strategy?

It's all about cloud and virtualization. The No. 1 company in virtualization, of course, is VMware. They started off looking at data center networking, and what VeloCloud allows them to do is expand that out to all the ends of enterprise where all the branch locations are. NSX is really strong in the data center. The announcement you saw this morning was about NSX data center, NSX cloud and now NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud all fitting in the same family. You add one more piece to that, which is NSX Hybrid Connect, which allows workloads to transition from the private data center to the public cloud. Now we have one platform and one way of looking at all the analytics and fitting it all together. From a Dell Technologies standpoint, the other assets that come to the table are Dell EMC with their hardware because Dell EMC has made a decision to be in the SD-WAN business from a hardware and infrastructure standpoint. VeloCloud becomes a preferred SD-WAN provider from a software perspective for Dell. The other pieces Dell EMC brings to the table is Pivotal Container Service because workloads are also containerized, and SD-WAN has got to support them, as well. The other parts of the family, including security with RSA, are also what we're looking to integrate in the future.