VeloCloud Founder Sanjay Uppal On VMware Integration, The NSX SD-WAN Strategy, And Making The Network Affordable

Customers want to do those things, but they want to do them affordably, and that's part of the equation, too, isn't it?

Absolutely. If you tried to set up a different network for each class of applications that you had, or if you tried to take all of your networking traffic and tried to send it back to the data center, or if you tried to have IT people at every one of your branch office locations – which is required if you have custom, proprietary hardware devices with their locked-in software – all of that doesn't scale. You literally have to spend much more of your budget on networking than you had planned. Growth is impeded if you do it that way. If you do it the VeloCloud way, then, of course, the services are running in the cloud. The service provider runs it as a service and you can concentrate on your core business, do it much more affordably and you can roll out applications as you want to.

How many customers do you have now and where do you see that number going over the next couple of years?

We announced this morning that we have crossed 2,000 customers. I can't specifically pin how many we will grow to, but certainly we are growing faster than the market at this point.