CRN Interview: Veeam Channel Chief Rooney On Partners Fleeing The Competition, And Winning In Multi-Cloud

In the two years you've been here, how have your partner ranks grown, and what are your plans for partner recruitment now that you've stretched yourself into the enterprise and 'hyper-availability?'

The program has stayed consistent. We have Platinum, Gold, Silver, Registered [tiers]. We want to give as much resource and attention to all the partners we can. We also understand within the construct of the partner community that invest more heavily in Veeam. In any given quarter, we'll have 1,500 transacting partners. The bigger numbers come from a set of partners that are heavily invested. We are their choice. They've got their sales teams trained. They've got their technical teams enabled. If the customers aren't demanding the solution based on the challenges they're facing, our partners recognize Veeam is the solution for them. Fundamentally, you have to have an industry-leading solution. Then you want partners that are committed. In the last two years, we are seeing the number of partners that have decided that Veeam is their strategic play in data availability go off the charts.