CRN Interview: Veeam Channel Chief Rooney On Partners Fleeing The Competition, And Winning In Multi-Cloud

What's driving that change in strategy among partners?

Partners that used to do a transaction or two a quarter and see us as maybe the SMB play, they started to see that Veeam answers a lot of challenges for their customers and they doubled down on it. What we do is double down on them, whether it's marketing investment, or field coverage, technical dedication. We're trying to put more and more Veeam-badged SEs in the field married to just partners, partner SEs. There are absolutely capable of going to customers, but they're really standing arm-and-arm with partner SEs because our vision would be that it's interchangeable, whether you know that they're a Veeam employee or not, they're just as educated and able to position the solution as our own people. We've seen the ranks of those commitments jump up.