CRN Interview: Veeam Channel Chief Rooney On Partners Fleeing The Competition, And Winning In Multi-Cloud

What's happening in the market that's got you focused so closely on partner commitment?

When you start as a young company, you're just happy to be seen on the line card. But now there's a huge opportunity out there to replace legacy and customers are doing it every day. We're finding partners that have a long history with people other than us in this space and they're saying this business has been a renewal-only business for them for the last two or three years. We need to make a decision about what's best for our customers or someone else is going to do it and we're going to be out. We're seeing partners come back and saying I'm ready to go. I'm ready to go back in and position a new license agreement for a Veeam opportunity as opposed to continuing to keep the renewals going. That has been a great opportunity for us.