CRN Interview: Veeam Channel Chief Rooney On Partners Fleeing The Competition, And Winning In Multi-Cloud

That can be a big risk for a solution provider. What's winning them over?

Partners are coming back, but it hasn't been overnight. You're always hesitant as a business owner, and many partners are, to upset the apple cart at the risk of costing yourself revenue and customers. But at the end of the day, what's been driving this is the customer requirement and we've got partners that are moving very rapidly to Veeam because they know that we have a stated vision and roadmap that we share with them that takes them well beyond the next five, 10 years. R&D is what we do. We iterate the product every six months, at least. They know, because they get briefings from our competitors, that that's not happening at other places. They have to ask do I get out ahead of this, or do I watch this business go elsewhere?