CRN Interview: Veeam Channel Chief Rooney On Partners Fleeing The Competition, And Winning In Multi-Cloud

Do you have any plans for the remainder of 2018, or 2019 for changes and enhancements to the program?

We're very careful not to change mid-stream. We're on a calendar year, so if we do any iterations on the program, we try to keep it to the beginning of the year. I don't expect we'll have any changes for the remainder of the year. There are a couple of things coming out that are in trial phase. We have a Veeam accredited services opportunity for professional services. Veeam doesn't have its own  professional services organization, nor do we want to get into spinning up an organization for professional services. Customers ask us for stuff all the time: consulting, migration, whatever it might be. We have put together a small team to formulate what those plays are, then we're certifying our partners on that. They're accredited to deliver those services with revenue to them, not to Veeam. That's coming up.