The 25 Most Influential Executives Of 2018

1. Pat Gelsinger



Pat Gelsinger, CRN's Most Influential Executive of 2018, has navigated VMware through a period that included uncertainty created by Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC, a plummeting stock price, disruptive threats to VMware's core business from cloud and container technologies, a struggling public cloud product strategy, and reports of a potential Dell buyout or reverse merger.

Amid the uncertainty about VMware's future as an independent company, Gelsinger and team buckled down and fought to maintain “business as usual” despite the distractions. Those efforts paid off in May when VMware reported 14 percent year-over-year sales growth to $2.01 billion for its first fiscal quarter, ended April 31.

VMware channel partners offer kudos to Gelsinger, not just for getting the company through some serious turbulence, but also for getting VMware back to its roots as a channel-centric organization and providing partners with a way to contribute to VMware's success.