5 Things Nutanix Partners Need To Know About Its New Channel Program

Xtribe And Xpand

Partners can leverage two new Nutanix partner incentives inside Power to the Partner: Xtribe and Xpand.

Xpand is a marketing platform that goes deeper than traditional campaigns by providing analytics to the markets a partner is focused on, their existing customer base, as well as how they can effectively sell to existing customers who haven't purchased Nutanix yet. 

Xtribe is a rewards system where partners can earn points for running marketing campaigns, winning new customers and for achieving different levels of certification.

"Xtribe is fun and it creates a little army that goes out there and spreads the good word," said Rick Gouin, chief technology officer at Winslow Technology Group, a Waltham, Mass.-based Nutanix partner. "It turns it almost competitive -- there's a leader board and prizes. Everybody is really incentived to take these actions on Nutanix's behalf like, "Tweet about this great thing that Nutanix did. Post on LinkedIn about this great thing that they did.'"